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"Guard thyself then, O man; thou hast the signs of Antichrist; and remember them not only thyself, but impart them also freely to all.  If thou hast a child according to the flesh, admonish him of this now; if thou hast begotten one through catechizing, put him also on his guard, lest he receive the false one as the True."
St. Cryil of Jerusalem
THE PURPOSE OF Orthodox Eschatology is to gather together both modern and ancient Orthodox prophecies and teachings concerning the end times.


The subjects vary, as do the authors, the earliest citations dating back to the Apostles themselves.  The Early Church Fathers and Holy Elders of the 20th century, makes the majority of what is posted here. More recently a few videos have also been posted to the site.  Though these writings have been written throughout the history of the Church until now, these Fathers agree in a unified fashion upon those things which will come to pass concerning the last days .The topics and authors can be found in the label section to the right.


The actual posts on this site contain no personal comments nor opinions, save for notes on a few items to clarify their origin. Comments below each post are enabled and welcome.


Orthodox Eschatology is an independent blog and makes no claims of affiliation or official representation of any Orthodox jurisdiction.

The links supplied here are to establish the credit and original source of any online material, any further information found on the sites provided by these links are not the responsibility of this blog owner.
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