Antichrist and the meaning of 666

Excerpt from: Antichrist by Archpriest Boris Molchanoff

(read from left to right)
"Venerable Father: In the most recent issue of Revue Biblique, on page 298, the Reverend Fr. Semeria mentions the opinion of G. Gode, which identifies the Beast of the Apocalypse as "Jewish might reborn at the end of time." Observing the growing power of Judaism, it must be acknowledged that this opinion finds confirmation in modern history. If so, Antichrist will be a Jewish king.

"St. John discloses to us that the "number of his name... is six hundred threescore six (666) [Rev 13:17-18], and invites us to decipher the number of the Beast." If this means that the name of Antichrist can be deduced therefrom, and if this deduction is possible before his coming, then it is highly unlikely that St. John had [Antichrist's] proper name in mind. We inevitably arrive at conclusions which are quite arbitrary when we produce results by utilizing proper names.

"Since the Antichrist shall come under the guise of the messiah, he shall indubitably assume the title "King of the Jews"; doubtless he shall be called king chiefly in Israel. "

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