Saint Theophan of Poltava on the End Times

You ask me about the near future and about the coming last times. I do not speak from myself, but I relate to you what was revealed to me by elders.

The coming of the antichrist is nearing and it is already very close. The time which separates us from his arrival can be measured in years, in best case in decades.

But before his arrival, Russia has to revive, even if shortly. And there will be an Emperor there, chosen by the Lord Himself. And he will be a man of fervent faith, deep mind and iron will. That is what was revealed to us about him. And we will be waiting for the fulfillment of that revelation.

Judging by many signs, it is near; unless God changes His promise because of our sins and removes him. According to the testimony of God’s word, that can also happen.

I know nothing of the Eight Ecumenical Council. I can only quote the words of Saint Theodore the Studite, “Not every gathering of bishops is a council; only the gathering of bishops who stand in truth.” True, the Ecumenical Council does not depend on the number of those gathered, but on whether it will [vainly] philosophize or teach in the Orthodox manner. If it steps away from the truth, it will not be ecumenical, even if it calls itself that. The infamous “council of thugs” (sobor razboinikov) was in its time more numerous than many ecumenical councils, but even so it was not recognized as an Ecumenical Council but got the name “council of thugs”.

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