Venerable Barsanuphios of Optina

“Many of the Holy Fathers explain that the ‘abomination of desolation’ spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, ‘standing in the holy place,’ will be the Jewish Temple, built on the place of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem in which the Savior preached. In that temple, which will be built at the coming of the Antichrist, Antichrist himself will be enthroned. Then the prophecy of the Prophet Daniel will be fulfilled.”

Then, the Venerable Father spoke about the Jews, about China, and about how everyone will be against Russia, or better said – against the Church of Christ, since the Russian people is the God-bearer. In it, the true faith of Christ is preserved.

True, today we no longer have living sources of prophecies in the Church, but we do have signs of the times which are given to us exactly so that we can recognize the times, and which are clearly visible to those who have a spiritual reason. For example, look at the Jews and how they are being dealt with. Fifty years ago, the Jews kept quiet, they could not be heard anywhere. In Prussia, not just Austria, anyone could offend or even kill a Jew without answering for it. I am not saying that such a thing is lawful or good, I am just making a point of how powerless and puny they were… But now they have gained glory and might. Is this not a sign of the times? They did not start existing fifty years ago, or yesterday, but have existed for millennia. They were rejected since the time of Christ’s crucifixion and His Resurrection – and why were they not able to regain such strength for tens of centuries since then, as they have now in a short time? Is this not a sign of the times? Decline and disintegration everywhere. Antichrist is openly coming into the world.”

“He who will be reading the Apocalypse at the end times will be truly blessed, because he will be understanding what is happening. And understanding, he will prepare himself. As he reads it, he will see current events happening around him described in the book of Apocalypse.

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