Anathemas Against the Heresy of Ecumenism

(Note: The following anathemas are said to be not from a Council of a unified Orthodox Church, but rather from an individual group of monks under the jurisdiction of HOCNA in Georgia .)

1) To the ecumenical so-called Branch Theory, according to which the Church of Christ consists of many separated denominations (schisms): Anathema! Anathema likewise to those who preach this false doctrine, share it, accept it, or are indifferent to it. For thereby they deny the uniqueness of the Church of Christ as expressed in the ninth article of the Nicene Symbol of Faith: "I believe in One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church".

2) To the dogmatic Constitutional Basis of that heretical assembly, the World Council of Churches, which declares that: "The World Council of Churches is a fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures and therefore seek to fulfill together their common calling to the glory of the one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit", and to those who consider a general confession of belief in Christ according to the Scriptures as sufficient for unity, there by totally denying Holy Tradition, and who at the same time recognize the various heretical assemblies as Churches of God, and consider their heretical doctrines to be based on Holy Scripture, rather than as false and willful interpretations (which is the very essence of heresy): Anathema!

3) To the ecumenical doctrine which recognizes the assemblies of the heretics as grace-bearing and possessing uninterrupted Apostolic Succession,and which considers possible a "union" between the Orthodox and Non-Orthodox Churches (see: "Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate", No. 2, 1961, p. 69)without a unity in Faith, or based on the concept of so-called doctrinal minimum, which has been openly proclaimed at the various ecumenistic gatherings and expressed in official documents: Anathema!

4) To the documents adopted as a result of the "theological" dialogue held between the Orthodox and Monophysites (Chamb├ęsy, Switzerland, 1990, 1993),in which both are recognized as Orthodox, and the Monophysites' Christological heresy is declared to be Orthodox doctrine, where by the Forth Ecumenical Council at Chalcedon is rejected and condemned, and all subsequent Ecumenical Councils are ignored: Anathema!

5) To the documents adopted as a result of the "theological" dialogue between the pseudo-Orthodox and the Papists, in particular the so-called Balamand Unia (1993), which refers to the Papist assembly as a "Sister Church", and which declares that it possesses grace and uninterrupted Apostolic Succession, that its sacraments are true, and which forbids proselytizing (i.e., the conversion from the Papal error to the saving faith of the Orthodox Church): Anathema!

6) To those who unlawfully "lifted" the Anathemas placed on the Papist assembly in 1054, and to those who did not resist this lawlessness and by this very act placed themselves in opposition to the Holy and Great Synods held in Constantinople (in 1341, 1347, and 1351) which condemned the Papal innovation, and likewise to those who do not consider Papism to be a heresy and who consider ecclesiastical union with the Latin heretics to be admissible: Anathema!

7) To the agreement reached in Antioch in 1991, as a result of which the Orthodox Church of Antioch entered into full ecclesiastical union with the Syrian Monophysites, the Jacobites: Anathema! Anathema to all those who do not consider Monophysites to be heretics and who do not avoid prayerful and eucharistic communion with them. For they have all been anathematized by the 630 Holy Fathers present at the Fourth Ecumenical Council held in Chalcedon, and remain under ban now and in the age to come.

8) To the so-called New Style, which appeared as a result of the introduction of the Papal Gregorian Calendar into the Orthodox Church, and which is totally inadmissible canonically, and constitutes a dogmatic-ecclesiological heresy inasmuch as it rejects the holy doctrines, Tradition, and liturgical unity of the Church, as well as the ninth article of the Nicene Symbol of Faith: "I believe in One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church": Anathema! (For it is not possible both to keep the Fast and to celebrate Christmas or Pascha in one and the same Church, and at one and the same time -- as occurs in the ecumenistic pseudo-Orthodox assemblies.) The Papal Calendar has already been condemned by Canon I of the Local Council of Antioch and by the Local Councils of Constantinople (in 1583, 1587, and 1598).

"Whosoever does not follow the customs of the Church which the seven Holy Ecumenical Councils have decreed, and the Holy Pascha and calendar which they have enacted well for us to follow, but wants to follow the newly-invented Paschalion and the new calendar of the atheist astronomers of the Pope, and, opposing them, wishes to overthrow and destroy the doctrines and customs of the Church which we have inherited from our Fathers, let any such have the anathema and let him be outside of the Church and the Assembly of the Faithful.

"We exhort all pious and Orthodox Christians: remain in those things which you learned and in which you were born and bred, and when the times and circumstances call for it, shed your very blood in order both to keep the Faith given us by our Fathers and to keep your confession."
Jeremias II, Patriarch of Constantinople Silvester, Patriarch of Alexandria Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem and the rest of the Bishops of the Synod who were present (Constantinople, 1583)

9) To those who flouted the resolutions of the aforementioned Councils condemning and banning the Gregorian Paschalion and calendar, and who willfully, treacherously, and forcibly introduced this novelty into the Church, or who support the New Style and attempt to establish it in the Church or are unscrupulous and indifferent in their relations with the excommunicated adherents of the New Style, and who do not wish to severe ecclesiastical union with them: Anathema! Let them read again the words of the Anathema pronounced by His Holiness, Cyril V, Patriarch of Constantinople upon the innovators in his "Sigillion" of 1756.

10) To the heretical and blasphemous ecumenistic "liturgies" (e.g., theso-called Lima Liturgy) in which "members of the Orthodox Church" participate, likewise to the common services during which Orthodox Christians pray together with heretics and take part in various "sacred rites", whereby abomination is introduced into the Church, and in violation of the Tenth, Forty-fifth, and Eighty-fifth Apostolic Canons and Canon Thirty-three of the Local Council of Laodicea: Anathema! Anathema also to those who give the Body and Blood of Christ to the heretics, or who receive their false "communion" from them. Anathema to those who serve other ecclesiastical Mysteries for the heretics, or participate in their "sacraments".

11) To those who pray with pagans, shamans, magicians, priests and wizards of heathen cults, and to those who join in their meditation sessions and cultic rituals, or who conduct "divine services" at their "altars", and to all the participants in the various Pan-ecumenical Sundays: Anathema!

12) To all the other heretical doctrines and documents of the ecumenists which were jointly prepared by them and which they now seek to secretly and stealthily introduce into the Church: Anathema!

To those who do not reverence the dogmatic and canonical teachings of the Orthodox Church, Her Holy Tradition and practices, and who attempt to introduce the spirit of Renovationism into the Church of Christ: Anathema!

To those who sympathize with the aforementioned and anathematized doctrines and acts, and who attempt to defend and justify them, or who assume an attitude of lukewarm indifference towards them: Anathema!

To all the heresies and heretics anathematized by the Ecumenical and Local Councils, we, together with the Holy Fathers, proclaim: Anathema!
Anathema to all heretics! Anathema! Anathema!



@nyc said…
Just to clarify for the reader:

What has Ecumenism to do with Eschatology? As quoted in a post today, on this blog:

"And since spiritual understanding can be attained and developed only under the conditions of the correct spiritual life taught by the Orthodox Church, then at that moment only Orthodox Christians will be found to be in full spiritual armor, able to recognize all of Antichrist's snares and guile -- yet not all Orthodox Christians, but only that small portion of them who will live a spiritual life according to the canons of the Church. Heretics and adherents of false religions who have either lost the spiritual life completely or practice it in an incorrect or perverted forms, will inevitably fall victim to Antichrist's delusion." Archpriest Boris Molchanoff

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